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Lioton 500 Gel (Heparin 500IU/gm)

Lioton 500 Gel is an anti-coagulant which prevents clotting of blood. It is applied on the skin for the treatment of post-injection superficial thrombophlebitis (inflammation of a vein due to a blood clot). It rushes up the resolution of the blood clot, reducing the pain, and swelling Lioton Gel comprises Heparin Topical as an active element. This medicine may also be used for treating extensive superficial bruises. It should be used as prescribed by your physician. Skin rash may rarely be seen in some patients as a side effect.

Uses of Lioton 500 Gel

Lioton Gel is used for the treatment, control, prevention, & improvement of the following diseases, conditions, and symptoms:

• Superficial thrombophlebitis
• Blood clots in the veins
• Pain of the veins
• Bruising due to blood clots
• Ano-rectal diseases
• Nerves pain

Lioton Gel may also be used for purposes not listed here.

How does Lioton 500 Gel work?

Lioton 500 Gel is an Anticoagulant. It penetrates into the diseased tissue quickly upon application without leaving residues or degreasing the skin. This helps in establishing and supporting the connective tissues, thus relieving pain and speeding up healing.

How to use Lioton 500 Gel?

Lioton 500 Gel is for external use only. Use it in the dose and duration as prescribed by your physician. Check the label for directions before use. Clean and dry the affected area and apply the gel. Wash your hands after applying, unless hands are the affected area.

Side Effects of Lioton 500 Gel

•  Headache
•  Nausea
•  Vomiting
•  Constipation
•  Bruising
•  Slight haematuria
•  Skin necrosis
•  Osteoporosis
•  Urticaria

Lioton gel related warnings

Heparin gel should not be used:

• If you have hypersensitivity to any element of this product;
• If you have an open wound on the lower leg that is bleeding and other bleeding in the skin
• If you have open scars and infected.

Please note that this information may relate to the medicines you have no longer apply, and the medicines that you are planning to apply in the future. Inform your physician if you are taking or have recently applied any other medicines including medicines taken without a direction. Heparin gel should not be blended with other medicines intended for topical application.

Before you start to apply some medicine, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Although there are no data on the adverse effects to the mother or child, Heparin gel in pregnant women (especially during the third trimester) and breastfeeding women should be applied only if necessary.

Application of food and drink does not affect the effectiveness of Heparin gel.

Dosage Information

Apply a medication to the enclosed directions. If you feel that the medicine is too strong or too weak, inform your doctor. Heparin gel should be applied in a light layer on the surface of diseased skin 2-4 times a day, with slight rubbing. In the treatment of thrombophlebitis should not rub, but after applying the gel recommends placing elastic, i.e., occlusive bandage. The duration of treatment depends on the indication, usually 1-2 weeks, and longer if necessary.


Q: Why do I need heparin?
A: Heparin is an anticoagulant (blood thinner) that prevents the formation of blood clots. Heparin is used to treat and prevent blood clots caused by certain medical diseases or medical systems. Heparin is also used before surgery to decrease the risk of blood clots.

Q: Can heparin cause a heart attack?
A: Studies have given enoxaparin and dalteparin to be equivalent to intravenous heparin in patients with many conditions such as heart attacks, unstable angina, and blood clots in the veins or arteries of the lungs. The effects of low molecular weight heparins usually wear off after 6 to 12 hours.

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