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Eukroma KJ Cream (Hydroquinone / Kojic Acid)

Eukroma KJ Cream which is used topically on the skin in order to treat the dark patches which are present on the skin. These dark patches are called Freckles or just spots which seem to appear on the skin once it is exposed to the sun for a long time. The other causes of dark spots can be hormonal or because of aging of the skin.
Hydroquinone vs Kojic Acid are very useful in helping fade age spots, acne scars, and uneven skin tone because they help decrease the level of melanin pigment your skin makes. Both skincare actives can do this by engaging an enzyme your skin needs to make melanin.

When is Eukroma KJ Cream Prescribed?

Hydroquinone vs Kojic Acid cream is prescribed for its topical application and helps in the reduction of the dark areas which are present on the skin. The condition of darkness which happens on the skin of a person is referred to as moles. Patches, spots and freckles and usually show an elaborate difference from the rest of the tone of the skin.

How to work Eukroma KJ Cream?

Hydroquinone vs Kojic Acid, also works to lighten skin in another way. Hydroquinone can alter your DNA, causing the death of cells which make melanin.
This drug belongs to the class of drugs, which is referred to as the melanin synthesis inhibitor. This drug works by bleaching the area of the skin, which reduces the pigmentation present on the skin, which is also referred to as the melanin. Melanin is a component which causes darkening of the skin.

How to take Hydroquinone vs Kojic Acid Cream?

Eukroma KJ 20g cream(Hydroquinone vs Kojic Acid) is regularly connected to the influenced region twice every day, except your specific dose and recurrence of an organization will be controlled by your wellbeing condition, manifestations, and reaction to different medicines. Never endeavor to self-sedate or change any of the offered directions to forestall, causing unexpected medical issues.

Eukroma kj cream side effects?

• Dry or flaky skin
• Stinging or burning
• Irritation or mild skin rash
• Allergic reaction
• Depigmentation

What is Precautions before Using Hydroquinone vs Kojic Acid?

• If you are interested in using a skin lightening product, ask your dermatologist about safe and effective options. Products with Hydroquinone vs Kojic Acid may be an option, and your dermatologist can provide information on frequency, dose, and length of use.
• If you experience any rash, redness, itchiness or swelling from a discontinue use. Long-term use of any skin lightening product may increase the risk of sunburn, so use sunscreen as directed.

Hydroquinone vs Kojic Acid cream dosage?

Missed Dose

If there is a case where you miss your dosage. It is important to apply the cream topically as soon as you remember it.


Topical application in large quantities may not cause an overdosage. Contact your specialist if anyone has accidentally swallowed this drug.


Q: Is Hydroquinone Safe?
A: Yes, Hydroquinone vs Kojic Acid and acne scars are three of the peskiest skin problems we experience. The right skincare products are the first defense a good exfoliant, a brightening cream, and a vitamin C serum, for starters.

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