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PPG 0.2 mg (Voglibose)

PPG 0.2 mg (Voglibose)is used to reduce high post meal glucose level in diabetes mellitus in patients who have been using other diabetic medications.

How it works

PPG 0.2 mg belongs to the class of medications that lowers blood sugar called anti-hyperglycemics (alpha-glucosidase inhibitor). PPG 0.2 mg delays the digestion and absorption of carbohydrate in the intestine by inhibiting intestinal enzyme (alpha glucosidase) which results in reduction of increase in blood glucose level after meal.

Common side effects

• Sweating,
• Rash,
• Anemia,
• Constipation,
• Diarrhoea,
• Hair loss,
• Heartburn,
• Nausea,
• Facial swelling,
• Vomiting,
• Weakness

Expert advice for PPG

• Voglibose tablets should be taken at the start of a meal.
• Monitor your blood sugar levels regularly.
• Do not take this drug instead of insulin if you are already on insulin.
• Do not stop taking this drug suddenly without consulting your doctor


Q: Is voglibose/volixy approved by US FDA?
A: Voglibose is not approved by US FDA.

Q: Is voglibose better than acarbose?
A: No, voglibose and acarbose have similar overall effects but variation may exist depending on the individuals taking the drug. Always consult your doctor for an alternative drug of choice.

Q: Is voglibose safe?
A: Voglibose is safe if used at prescribed doses for the prescribed duration as advised by your doctor.

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