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Dilvas 10 mg (Enalapril 10 mg)

What is Enalapril (Dilvas 10 mg) used for?

Enalapril is a drug that belongs to the group of Medications called ACE-inhibitors (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme). Dilvas 10 ensures that the blood vessels are dilated so that the blood pressure goes down, and the pumping force of the heart improves, as well as the condition of the heart muscle. A doctor prescribes the drug if you experience High Bood Pressure, Heart Failure, and Kidney Disease.

Know about Enalapril Tablet Uses, Dosage, Work, Directions, Warnings, Precautions, Facts, safety info and Advice, and Side Effects. We also have in stock Dilvas 5 mg, which is used to treat the Same Indications.

When Dilvas 10 Tablets Prescribed?

Dilvas 10 mg is used to treat an increase in the blood pressure caused by genetic or environmental factors. Dilvas is used in the treatment of congestive heart failure, which is a kind of heart disease, characterized by thickening of the walls of the left ventricle. Dilvas 10 mg is used in the treatment of left Ventricular dysfunction, which is a type of heart disease that lowers the pumping capacity of the heart.

How does Enalapril work?

Enalapril 10 mg ? Dilvas 10 mg acts by decreasing blood vessels and by making the heart pump extra efficiently. The injectable form is used to reduce high blood pressure when the oral method cannot be used.

It works by blocking the angiotensin-converting enzyme and prevents the formation of angiotensin II. Angiotensin II is a substance that narrows the blood vessels (Vasoconstriction) and therefore increases the Blood pressure. Thus, blocking the formation of angiotensin II, enalapril reduces high blood pressure.

How to Take Dilvas 10 mg tablets?

It is usually applied at an initial dose of Enalapril 10 mg. The dose should be determined individually for each patient. At the beginning of the treatment, the doctor will recommend you lower doses, and then gradually increase the dosage until the suitable dose is achieved. It should be taken once a day, with or without a meal. The dose can be increased to a maximum of 20 mg per day.

Safety Advice or Precautions need to Take Before Using Dilvas 10 mg:

• Caution should be exercised in patients with a history of heart or kidney disease, skin disorder, diabetes, cardiac muscle disease, poor blood circulation, dehydration, dialysis, any allergy, who are taking other medications, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
• It may cause diarrhea or vomiting, which begins to dehydration, take sufficient liquids to avoid this difficulty.
• Are allergic to Dilvas 10 mg or any ingredients of the Medication.
• Have had angioedema (a severe allergic reaction which causes the area around the throat and tongue to swell) after taking any other ACE inhibitors (e.g., Captopril, Enalapril, Ramipril).
• It may induce dizziness or lightheadedness, do not drive a car or work machinery while taking Dilvas Tablets.
• Avoid exposure to sunlight. Otherwise, it may cause sunburn.

What are the Side Effects of Dilvas 10 mg?

All medicines may cause side effects. Enalapril 10 mg can also cause the following side effects:

• Redness
• Headache
• Arrhythmia
• Dizziness
• Rapid heartbeat
• Low blood pressure
• Mood changes
• Nausea
• Vomiting, diarrhea

If you notice Some Serious Side Effects, contact your Doctor immediately.

Dosage Instructions:

The missed dosage of Dilvas 10 mg should be taken as soon as possible. It is desirable to skip the missed dose if it?s already time for your next listed dose. Try emergency medical treatment or talk the doctor in case of overdose. Inform the doctor if you experience any undesirable effects.

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