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Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Tadalafil
Strength: 60 Mg
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What Is Tadarise Pro 60 Mg?

Tadarise Pro 60 Mg is a medicine that helps you to cure signs of penile failures. If you are finding getting an erection difficult it is time for you to use the pills although we will recommend you on a visit to the doctor.

Remember that Tadarise Pro 60 Mg can cause side effects and thus it may not be the suable drug for all. If you are suffering from side effects after using the Tadarise Pro 60 mg then ask the doctor to change the dose to a lower variety.

About Tadarise Pro 60 Mg

Tadarise Pro 60 Mg is a pill that allows hardening of the penis. When the pills are effective you can see the effects of generic Tadalafil slowly beginning to take effect on your erections although this would take time of around 30 minutes to see the fullest effects. Using this medicine at any specific time interval is up to the choice of the user but sticking to this schedule is important. Only one pill is allowable per day so ensure to have a minimum 24 hour time gasp between two successive doses.


Sunrise Remedies is a name that is among the list of top well-known and established roots in India. Being one of the well-established firms most of its medicine brands have strong demand on the market including Tadarise Pro 60 mg.

Sunrise Remedies has the right to manufacture, market, and distribute the Tadarise Pro 60 mg brand. With a lot of other pills under its belt, Tadarise Pro 60 mg is among the best-sold medicines in India.

Strength and Dosage

Generic Tadalafil is the generic substance that you find in the pills. And the dose equivalent of generic Tadalafil is 60 mg. Also, there are a few other substances within the pills. But generic Tadalafil is the chief ingredient of the pills.

The strength of the pills is quite strong and the 60 mg dose is only recommended to those who are either suffering from severe ED cases or have adapted to a high dose of generic Tadalafil.


The main use of the tablet with Tadalafil is to induce harder erections in you. This pill is quite helpful for someone who is suffering from severe levels of ED.

The use of the Tablet needs caution during its daily administration. Avoiding overdosing or changing the dose decided on your own. Always have a prior consultation with the doctor.

Generally, the dose of Tadarise Pro 60 Mg can have a lasting time of around 36 hours, and thus the doctor may even recommend you to use the pills only 3 to 4 times a week and not daily.

How to take Tadarise Pro 60 Mg?

Taking the pill is recommendable via your mouth. This is an oral pill and hence it requires to be ingested as a whole. You need to know that using the pills of Tadarise Pro 60 mg is entirely unsafe with alcohol or grape juice as these are two of the contraindicating substances.

When you are taking you need to have at least one more hour in your hand before having sex.

How does Tadarise Pro 60 Mg work?

pills with generic Tadalafil in it is an active agent that shuts off the actions of the PDE-5 hormones. After this stage is reached you will find that there is another hormone secretion that is the GMP hormone which later converts into the more stable cGMP hormone that is a much stable version.

As the levels of cGMP start to rise you will find that the vasodilation of arteries has begun triggering higher blood flow to the penis. With more blood flowing into the penis it is not hard to get penile hardness after stimulation.


The daily dose of tablet should only be taken if the same has been advised by your doctor. Ensure that you are not changing the dose without consulting the doctor.

Not every patient might be adaptable to such a high dose so for them it is recommendable to start with a lower dose variety. All factors culminate in for the doctor to decide a dose according to your age, overall health, diseases present, medicines being taken, past medical history, allergic tendencies with generic Tadalafil, etc.

How long Tadarise Pro 60 Mg shall be continued

Continue using the Tablet as the doctor recommends you. Remember that you cannot use ED pills like this one forever. So although this might be a temporary cure for bringing erections for a few hours even this will have to stop eventually.

Missed dose

Missing out on a dose of Tadarise Pro 60mg causes disproportionate levels of generic Tadalafil in your blood and this may result in lesser efficacy of the pills and thereby less than desired hardness in your erections.

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